Business and Executive Coaching

Be the best that you can be - unlock your own potential

Coaching is an increasingly sought after and extremely effective approach to enhance the skills and leadership behaviours of senior executives and other key personnel who are essential to your future success.

We adopt a very positive approach - drawing out the extensive skills, knowledge and experience that your people have already amassed over the years. In effect, letting them shine!

Both the main consultants at Paradigm are NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Qualified Practitioners. We can help you to crystallise your objectives and goals, identify blocks and barriers which are holding you back from achieving them, and enable you to develop a toolkit of techniques for positive thinking and confidence, which can radically alter the way in which you approach just about every aspect of your work and life.

Sounds too good to be true? Well the only way is to try it for yourself and then judge the results - we hope you will be amazed at your own success.

Typical clients might include:
  • Very successful executives who want to accelerate their development
  • Young executives who need to strengthen gaps in their knowledge/experience
  • Valued, experienced members of the team who could be even more valued and are not performing to their potential
  • Experienced executives who want to be re-energised and enthused
"We worked together well as a team with you pushing me when I needed it, and enhancing my thinking. At times you appeared as if you had too much on your plate, but despite this, deadlines and quality were met."
Our Clients


Having effective and competent people underpins the success of every organisation.

Paradigm supports all types of businesses to improve.
Support Agencies

Paradigm helps organisations and intermediaries that provide support and advice to business.