Leadership & Management Development Programmes

Fed up with process - do you want Transformational Leadership?

Do your leaders and managers sometimes lose the plot and get stuck in a rut? Are you confident they have a full grasp of what they need to contribute to your ongoing success, and an awareness of the impact they have (+/-) on others? Do they get lost with minutia (transactional issues), and focus on nice to do rather than need to do priorities?

Transformational Leadership, Top Team Coaching/Development, and Management Training for your key personnel at all levels may be the answer. Paradigm can audit your leadership strengths, and customise solutions which can help both monitor and manage the performance of such an important business asset to give a real impact for your business.

Effective leadership and management is central to the success of any organisation. They have such a huge impact on the contribution that people can make - both positive and negative. Good practice cannot be bought over the counter - it has to be nurtured and developed throughout your leadership and management team.

Paradigm works with you to help bring out the best in your leaders and managers - as we firmly believe that "bright managers make their staff shine."

We are proud that our Paradigm Programme was selected by the Management Charter Initiative as one of only 20 successful national case study examples of best practice in management development.

Some typical topics covered at our workshops, programmes and events may include:
  • Appraisals and Performance Management
  • Assertiveness
  • Change management
  • Communication & Presentation Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Creative Thinking
  • Developing a Coaching Culture
  • Developing and managing Effective Relationships
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • High Performing Teams
  • Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Managing Time and Meetings Effectively
  • Motivation, Reward & Recognition
  • Project management & Planning
  • Strategy Development and Implementation Workshops
  • Top Team Building
  • Understanding Yourself Better
  • Work-life Balance and Wellbeing of employees

The features of our approach are:

Meeting with you to agree your hopes, expectations and challenges - and how your leaders and managers fit in to achieve this

Designing a workshop or programme of activities tailored to suit your specific needs

Delivering group or 1:1 training inputs/sessions

Ongoing coaching and helpline

Agreeing improvement activities and projects for leader and managers to translate into making genuine change and improvement - back in the real workplace

Evaluating, celebrating success and taking forward lessons from learning.

"The Supervisory Management programme contributed to: Sales and profits increasing, against the industry trend, redundant stock levels being reduced by 12%, a new system of chasing small debtors which has led to 5746 net costs being recovered, customer complaints at one branch being reduced by 50%, purchasing of a new fax/copier reducing unit costs of copies from 5.5p to 0.6p, 30% of dormant customer accounts being revived."


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Having effective and competent people underpins the success of every organisation.

Paradigm supports all types of businesses to improve.
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