Human Resource Management & Development (HRM & HRD)

If they really are your best asset - look after your people….

It is essential that organisations take a strategic approach to the ongoing management and development of one of their key resources - their people.

Thankfully, senior management are now much more supportive of good people practices and realise that 'tinkering with a bit of training' just isn't good enough if they want to gain competitive advantage and really be the best.

If you don't know where to start, let us help you take a structured approach to managing and developing your people.

We can offer consultancy services to help at strategic/organisational level

We can offer training and development services to help teams and individuals

Human Resource Management (HRM) & Human Resource Development (HRD)

Paradigm has highly experienced and qualified consultants who are well versed in both HRM and HRD matters. We help organisations to design, develop and implement good people practices, policies and systems (HRM), and help ensure that individuals and teams are able to maximise their potential (HRD) which benefits them and their employer. The outcome we aim for is that you will become an 'Employer of Choice' - who people really want to work for, and who develop the skills and abilities of their workforce so that everyone (customers, staff, and the organisation) thrives and benefits from your approaches.
The features of our approach are:

Our HRM activity can range from advising on good practice Recruitment & Selection, Job descriptions/Specifications, Induction and Initial Training Programmes, NVQs and qualifications, Training Plans, Basic Skills, Motivational Programmes, Appraisal and Performance Management, Career Development, Reward & Recognition Strategies, Effective Communications, Capability Management, Discipline & Grievance, Policy development, Exit Guidance, Staff Surveys, HR Strategy, Monitoring & Evaluation of your people practices and strategies.

Our HRD activity can range from designing training, learning or development programmes, courses and events - customised to your needs, facilitating workshops, 1:1 or team coaching and mentoring, trainer training skills, designing development materials and resources. We use a wide range of techniques to help achieve the development of your people's skills, knowledge and competence.

"We have just been notified that we are to be awarded a Regional Training Award….had it not been for the advice you offered us and the thought provoking comments you made, I'm sure we would not have been in this position. As such, please accept our most sincere thanks - we are extremely grateful for your input."


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Having effective and competent people underpins the success of every organisation.

Paradigm supports all types of businesses to improve.
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