Research and Evaluation

There is no failure, only feedback

We conduct research and evaluation for various schemes and pilots, helping to shape policy and services

Paradigm has extensive experience of helping to shape strategy at macro and micro level. This begins with a full understanding of the economic and political climate, the market place, and emerging customer patterns and trends.

Good practice often requires a retrospective evaluation to be conducted at its completion or in the case of projects that have a long duration, interim evaluations can occur during the project delivery. The lessons learnt can be used to inform and improve future projects or the next stage of delivery and more broadly policy decision making.

Evaluations can be conducted at different levels - Individual projects, Programmes, Policy and Strategic levels. They can be used to answer a variety of questions - effectiveness of the project management and service delivery, variations in delivery, how the project or programme was resourced and what are participants' experiences of the services.

Evaluations show why particular activities are successful and why some have failed ensuring the same problems are avoided in the future. The evidence evaluations generate can be used to improve the quality of data available for project sponsors when considering future projects.

They can also provide answers on the cost effectiveness and value for money of project activity and whether the costs incurred resulted worth while in light of the achievements. We can be relied on to provide an independent and objective perspective.

We conduct research and evidenced based evaluation for various organisations, helping to shape their policy and services - to help achieve future success.
Paradigm can provide an independent, objective perspective through:
  • Analysis and interpretation of data
  • Customer and employee surveys
  • Case Studies
  • Consultantion
  • Desk Research
  • Reporting and Presenting
  • They can also provide answers on the cost effectiveness and value for money of project activity and whether the costs were worth while in light of the achievements.
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